Uninstall SpyShelter

We make it very easy to uninstall SpyShelter. Go to Windows Search and search for “add or remove programs”. Now search for SpyShelter in the list, then click the three dot menu “…” on the right side, and choose uninstall. SpyShelter should now be completely uninstalled with no issues. If you have an issue, please try rebooting, then try to uninstall again.

Emergency Uninstall Instructions

If you have an emergency situation where you cannot boot, or if our add/remove uninstall fails you can still uninstall SpyShelter.

Reboot your PC in safe mode (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/start-your-pc-in-safe-mode-in-windows-92c27cff-db89-8644-1ce4-b3e5e56fe234 (opens in a new tab) instructions for your version of Windows).

Open Command Prompt as an Administrator by opening Start Menu, typing "command prompt" and choosing "Run as an Administrator" (may require right click on the icon).

Execute the following commands into the Command Prompt:

cd "C:\Program Files\SpyShelter"

sps_service.exe --uninstall

sc stop SpyShelter

pnputil /delete-driver spyshelter.inf /uninstall

sc delete SpyShelter

Restart your PC

Use Control Panel -> Programs to uninstall SpyShelter

Still have an issue? Please let us know in the forum so we can help you.