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Learn how to disable and block screenshots with Windows PCs

Download SpyShelter to block and prevent screenshots from spyware, AI software, and any other screen capture tools.

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SpyShelter Prevent Screenshots

Privacy concerns around unauthorized screenshot capturing have been making headlines lately. From Microsoft's new "Recall" AI feature in CoPilot that records everything on your PC, to long-standing spyware threats – your digital privacy is under attack.

At SpyShelter, we've been safeguarding users against spyware and privacy-violating apps for over 15 years. Our free software offers a robust "Screenshot Protection" feature to fight back.

Simply download SpyShelter, navigate to the "Protection" tab, and enable "Screenshot Protection." This powerful tool blocks spyware, AI software, and other privacy-invading apps from taking screenshots of your screen – all they'll capture is a black image.

To quickly toggle this feature on or off, click the SpyShelter icon in your Windows tray and select "Screenshot Protection."

Protect your digital privacy today. Download SpyShelter for FREE and experience hassle-free, comprehensive screenshot protection for your PC.

Why should you trust us?

Our team at SpyShelter has been studying Windows PC executables for over 15 years, to help fight against spyware, malware, and other threats. SpyShelter has been featured in publications like The Register, PC Magazine, and many others. Now we’re working to share free, actionable, and easy to understand information about Windows executables (processes) with the world, to help as many people as possible keep their devices safe. Learn more about us on our "About SpyShelter” page.

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