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SpyShelter Contact & Support

We have REAL non-AI humans here to help you with SpyShelter!

The best way to get help (unrelated to orders) is to join the SpyShelter Forum. The forum is great because others can read your question and our reply, so your question might help tens of thousands of people over time.

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One thing that sets SpyShelter apart from other security applications is that a real member of our team joins our forum and works with SpyShelter fans directly. This isn't someone based in another country far away, but instead it's a real team member that’s based in the USA.

Check our forum for the fastest non-order help →

Need the FASTEST help related to an order?

Paddle, our billing company can help you with your order much faster than our team. This is because our team must go through Paddle to get help with orders. We don't keep any customer data on our own systems for security and privacy reasons.

Contact Paddle Billing Company →

Cancel Yearly Subscription

Go to your order email you received when you signed up with SpyShelter, then click "Cancel" in the email.

If you can't find your order email please contact Paddle and they will cancel it for you, but try searching your email for “SpyShelter” first.

Private or Order Questions


Have a question that needs some privacy, and shouldn’t be posted in our forum? For example, you need to share your order information or your name? Email us at helpdesk-spy@spy_shelter.xcom. But please note that contacting Paddle directly by clicking the link above will get you the fastest order help.

Business and Partnerships


Email business-spy@spy_shelter.xcom for business-related questions or proposals. Need to cover a lot of PCs with SpyShelter? Our Ultimate version covers 25 PCs! Bulk business customers can order SpyShelter Ultimate on our order page with no special contact required.

Postal Address


3201 Bee Caves RD STE 120

Box# 160611

Austin, Texas 78716