Getting Started with SpyShelter

It’s easy for anyone to benefit from SpyShelter’s antispyware technology. Once SpyShelter is downloaded (opens in a new tab) and installed, it will monitor all the executables on your PC for known threats, and automatically stop known spyware or malware.

After you have downloaded and installed SpyShelter, the software will ask you which protection mode you prefer. Choose “Easy” mode, and SpyShelter will be set up to automatically stop spyware threats on your PC. SpyShelter’s graph will show you the number of processes on your PC its currently checking for threats. That’s all you need to do to get started with SpyShelter to get extra protection for your PC.

If you’re a PC power user who wants even more security, go to SpyShelter’s “Protection” screen by clicking “Protection” at the bottom of the SpyShelter window.

Check out our “detailed user guide” below to learn more about our advanced “Protection” features for power users. However, if you wouldn’t call yourself a “power user”, our “Easy” mode is a great simple way to immediately help protect your PC from spyware. Download SpyShelter now (opens in a new tab) for free!