SpyShelter FAQ

Is SpyShelter an antivirus?

No, SpyShelter is an antispyware-focused application for Windows PCs designed to provide real-time protection against various forms of spyware, particularly those that attempt to log your keystrokes or access sensitive data. You should always use an antivirus along with SpyShelter. Windows Security (formerly known as Windows Defender is a free antivirus anyone on Windows can use). SpyShelter shouldn’t conflict with any antivirus software, but if you notice an issue please let us know in our forum.

Will you add other languages to the SpyShelter software and website?

Yes, we hope to add more languages in the future besides just English. Please post on the forum (opens in a new tab) and let us know which languages we should add first. We’re a small team and we apologize for the lack of localization currently.

Is SpyShelter a firewall or network monitor?

No. SpyShelter has no firewall or network monitoring capabilities. SpyShelter works great in conjunction with network monitoring and firewall tools if you want to use them simultaneously with our antispyware software. We have received reports from SpyShelter fans that they have no problems using third-party firewalls and network monitors simultaneously with SpyShelter.

Can I use SpyShelter for free?

Yes! We welcome free usage of our free features for non-commercial or non-profit use. We made purposedly made some of the most powerful features of our software free, to help those who can’t afford more expensive antispyware software. However, if you are using your software for commercial use, like for business, we ask that you purchase SpyShelter (opens in a new tab) so we can continue to offer our free features to those who don’t have the means to pay.

Where is SpyShelter based?

We are based in Austin, Texas, USA.

Does SpyShelter collect my web surfing data, or any other personal data while I use it?

No. Our software has no network monitoring capabilities and is unable to collect network-related data of any kind. SpyShelter checks for SpyShelter updates and updates its threat definitions by actively monitoring your executable names, hashes, and publishers. That’s it. We don’t upload any files to our servers or check any non-executable files. We’ve read the new stories about a popular antivirus collecting web surfing data and other personal user data, and we’re sad and disappointed to hear that’s going on.

Where did SpyShelter Premium, Silent, and Screen Phantom go?

These original Classic apps are still available and fully functional for all customers. Click the “Classic SpyShelter Apps” link on this page to access them.

These Classic apps will continue to function for customers as always, but we can no longer update them since they can’t support the latest versions of Windows very well due to outdated technology. We have absolutely not disabled any activation codes for our Classic software or disabled these apps in any way.

We want you to be able to use and enjoy our original Classic apps with no problems. If you run into an activation code issue please reach out to our team so we can help you with our Classic apps. We’re here to help and we don’t want to let down any of our original customers!

If you’re unhappy with something, email us or post in our public forum, and we’ll work with you to make it right.

When I turn on SpyShelter's "Screenshot Protection" my Windows Notifications change to "Do not disturb", how can I fix this?

This is expected behavior with Windows due to your Windows Notifications settings. SpyShelter's "Screenshot Protection" puts an antispyware transparent layer over your screen, making it difficult for malware to take screenshots. Windows interprets this as an app in "full screen mode", and Windows default settings cause Windows Notifications to go to "Do not disturb".

If you don't like this behavior right click the Windows bell notification icon and choose "notifications settings" then go to "turn on do not disturb automatically" and uncheck "when using an app in full-screen mode". Once the box is unchecked the issue should go away, but Windows may send you notifications while in full screen mode.

How can I temporarily disable SpyShelter notifications?

Please go to the SpyShelter Protection tab, then choose "Do not disturb". Or, right click the bottom right notifications SpyShelter icon.

I want to install a large application or do something that I worry SpyShelter may conflict with. How can I disable SpyShelter temporarily?

Please go to the SpyShelter Protection tab, then choose "Off" as your protection mode, or choose "Easy" mode which is unlikely to cause a conflict or launch a SpyShelter "Allow or Deny" window.

I don't want any SpyShelter desktop alerts while doing a presentation, gaming, or watching a movie. How can I avoid them?

Right click the SpyShelter icon in the bottom right notification area in Windows, or open SpyShelter and go to the Protection tab, then change to "Do not disturb" mode.

I am an IT admin and I need to install SpyShelter's Antispyware software on many PCs to protect them from threats. Does the SpyShelter installer have a silent installer mode?

Yes. Please use the /S command with our installer.

I launched an installer (that ends in .msi) and SpyShelter detected nothing! Why?

This is expected behavior. Windows .msi files are launched by Microsoft's own installer application because that's how .msi installers are designed to function. SpyShelter will not launch an "Allow or Deny" window, until the .msi file has completed the install, and the first .exe from the installer tries to launch. Then, when the .exe tries to launch that's unrelated to the Microsoft .msi installer, you should receive an "Allor or Deny" window from SpyShelter as usual.

How can I check if SpyShelter's Automatic Threat Detection and Quarantine is working?

Download a test file from Microsoft (opens in a new tab). Once you launch the test file from Microsoft, go to SpyShelter's "Rules" tab, then look for the quarantined file.

How can I see what Windows app is using my microphone or camera, along with my mic/camera access history?

SpyShelter's activity tab or rules tab will show you in real-time when an app is accessing your mic or camera. You will see a circle with a mic or camera icon, and it will be animating as the app accesses your mic or webcam. To see your mic or camera access history go to SpyShelter's Events tab. Under the search box at the top left click the "alerts" pull-down menu, then look for "Camera Accessed" or "Mic Accessed" and check the box. SpyShelter will then show you the app along with the exact date and time your microphone or camera was accessed on your PC.

How can I prevent apps from accessing my mic or camera with my Windows PC notebook?

SpyShelter will let you know in real-time when an app begins accessing your microphone or camera with a desktop alert. The alert then allows you to terminate the app immediately to prevent access if the webcam/mic access is not something you want to allow.