webcam protection

Webcam Protection

Webcam loggers are the most dangerous types of loggers. They secretly connect to your web camera, and yet they remain undetected by antivirus labs.

Webcam loggers record video or take pictures using your webcam and send them across the Internet. Many of these programs can operate even when your webcam is not visibly activated. This threat has become more relevant nowadays, considering that web cameras are already built-in in almost every modern laptop. Just think of all the possible types of information that could be gathered through your web camera! Everything you do when you are working on your computer can potentially be recorded and shared with the attacker. Webcam protection becomes more and more important.

Blocking such logging activities, which intrude upon privacy to a significant level, should therefore be considered by anyone who wishes to take their security and privacy seriously.

The Webcam Protection Module provides a unique proactive protection against this threat. Thanks to this method, SpyShelter can protect you against unknown, custom-compiled webcam loggers.