two way firewall

Two Way Firewall

SpyShelter Firewall provides incoming and outgoing network requests detection, allowing you control every inbound and outbound connection that is being established. This feature locks out hackers from connecting to your PC, and stops undesired applications from connecting to the internet. It’s commonly used to protect computer system networks from unauthorized access while permitting trusted communications to pass.

SpyShelter’s Firewall module is designed to control (permit or deny) network transmissions based on a set of rules. SpyShelter is going to stop any inbound/outbound connections and ask user to allow or deny it. Based on user’s selection, a rule can be created in order to automate the process. It also allows network administrators to securely control access to clients, servers and applications, with detailed insights into the users, groups, applications, machines and connection types. The User may put local networks to Trusted Zone and SpyShelter Firewall will auto-allow requests when an application is trying to get access to this local network (for example, when file sharing is used). User and machine awareness balances security with business needs by enabling granular policy definitions per user and group. SpyShelter Firewall supports IPv6 protocol.