real time system protection

Real Time System Protection

Your computer has important system areas, which are crucial for your system stability, performance, and safety. If malware injects malicious code into your system files, your operating system may become unstable. Corrupted Operating System files are the main cause of losing valuable data from PCs.

SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger System Defense module prevents malicious applications, such as viruses or keyloggers from altering your system files. It stops all threats, before they can execute a single action. Some of the monitored actions include:

•Global Hook Installation
•Rootkit Installations
•Thread Context Changing
•Direct Physical Memory Access
•Remote Thread Creation
•DLL Code Injection
•Kernel Driver Loading
•Program State and Memory Modification
•System Critical parts Registry Modification

This proactive method of protection also stops malicious applications from putting any module of SpyShelter out of operation.

With SpyShelter, your operating system will be safe.