SpyShelter Silent Anti Keylogger

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Powerful Keystroke Encryption

SpyShelter Silent constantly monitors your keyboard activity, and whenever you start typing, it automatically encrypts your text protecting it from being captured by keylogging malware. With SpyShelter Silent, you can safely do your banking, write emails or chat with friends. It is active all the time in the background, ensuring your safety – it will not disturb your workflow. Even if you have a keylogger running on your system, it will only retrieve meaningless random text. SpyShelter has long been an industry leader at providing you with the highest digital security possible as evidenced by the long line of outstanding features offered in our products. Click here to learn more about keyloggers

On the right side you can see what keyloggers retrieve with SpyShelter installed

  • keystroke encryption
  • system protection

Unique Functionality

All of your important private information will be securely scrambled from the moment you start your System. SpyShelter is the first application in the world which encrypts keystrokes of all applications, regardless of the operating system language. Every Keystroke is encrypted on Windows Kernel level and sent via safe tunnel only to this application, on which your keyboard is focused. It locks out other applications from capturing those encrypted keystrokes. Once encrypted keystrokes reach the target window, they are being decrypted. This is a 100% system friendly solution – you will not notice any sort of input lag.

Keystroke Encryption Comparasion

SpyShelter Others
Browsers All almost All
Applications almost All Only most popular
Games almost All Only most popular
Business Apps almost All Only few, most popular
Specialist Software almost All Only a couple

Only €19 a year

  • Free updates to new versions within subscription
  • Easy to use, no pop-up alerts
  • Online tech support
  • Suitable for both personal and business use
  • Fast order processing
  • Guaranteed 14 day money back
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