Test your security software and find out if it protects you against information-stealing malware.

Security Test Tool 1.2 presented on this page is a non-malicious application which can be used on live systems. It does not require installation.
This tool simulates few methods used by sophisticated malware to steal your data.

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This Security Test Tool consists of 6 separate modules:
-Keylogging test
-Webcam capturing test
-Screen capturing test
-Clipboard capturing test
-Sound recording test
-System protection test (Registry access, writing file to startup folder, service registering)

It will NOT damage your system files because it’s NOT malware, and all captured data is stored locally on your PC in program memory until the moment you close the application.
Some of AV programs might see file as malware which is obviously false positive (NOT proper detection, there is big difference between false positive detection and detect specific system action by HIPS software)


1. Download the file  >>HERE<<
2. Extract the AntiTest.exe from the archive(use password from txt file inside archive)
3. Run AntiTest.exe and carry out the tests.

How to test SpyShelter Keystroke Encryption

1. Run Keylogging test in AntiTest.exe
2. When SpyShelter Alert window pops up, Allow the AntiTest.exe to set keyboard hook (in other words, allow the keylogger to grab your keystrokes).
3. Open any application and type some words into it. In the AntiTest window, you will notice that all intercepted keystrokes are encrypted and gibberish.

Something is wrong, SpyShelter does not show any alerts. Why?

Most popular solutions:
1. After you install SpyShelter, your PC must be restarted. SpyShelter will not work until your restart your computer.
2. Make sure that your protection is enabled in the Protection tab.
3. Turn off or uninstall 3rd party real time security software. Very often security suites include some sort of ‘real time protection’ feature which interferes with SpyShelter. You do not need to get rid of your antivirus.
4. Go to SpyShelter Keystroke Encryption tab > Advanced > Set it to Better Compatibility Mode. This change applies only to Keystroke Encryption and will not put your privacy at risk.
5. Go to SpyShelter Settings tab, enable the “Launch the program from the service” option and restart your PC.
If you are still unable to perform the tests with SpyShelter, contact us at our Helpdesk.