Keylogging threats are varied and ever-evolving. New keyloggers are being developed all the time in both the public commercial sector and the private non-commercial sector. Keyloggers are highly effective at extracting passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, e-mail, and social media credentials etc. Without anti-keylogging software in place, everyone’s personal data is at risk. Cyber crimes, which are mostly committed with help of keylogging malware, are a cause of over $400bn in losses each year globally.
While anti-virus applications will always remain an essential part of any security solution, they cannot be relied upon on their own. This is because they are reactive; they rely on databases of known viruses and malware in order to detect and remove a threat. If a keylogger is not known to the security application, then it will not find it. It can take months for antivirus labs to discover a threat, which in the meantime can cause serious damage.
Protecting against modern monitoring software requires an entirely different approach.
SpyShelter is completely independent from any virus database. SpyShelter offers strong behavior-based real time protection; it monitors susceptible and weak spots in the user’s PC system, in order to ensure that even the most advanced logging malware is shut down before it can launch a single dangerous attack.
SpyShelter is complementary to antivirus software. SpyShelter protects, against keyloggers, screen loggers, webcam loggers, SSL loggers, clipboard loggers, and even sound loggers.  Except for comprehensive anti-monitoring activities, It also guards your crucial system processes, services, and registry. As a second layer of anti-keylogging protection, SpyShelter offers a unique keystroke encryption driver, which encrypts keystrokes and sends them via a safe tunnel directly to the application.
About SpyShelter

SpyShelter is an award winning, World’s Best Anti-Keylogging software, which ensures that whatever you type into your computer, is protected against dangerous people who want to steal your data. SpyShelter does not rely on an antivirus signature database, because it understands how malware works. SpyShelter protects from both known and unknown (zero-day) threats.

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