Language Last update Download
Brazilian Portuguese 2015-03-18 Download
Simplified Chinese 2015-09-03 Download
Traditional Chinese 2012-10-22 Download
Croatian 2012-10-22 Download
Czech 2014-06-15 Download
Danish 2015-09-03 Download
Dutch 2014-06-15 Download
English 2015-08-28 Download
Farsi 2015-09-03 Download
French 2015-09-03 Download
German 2015-07-28 Download
Hungarian 2014-06-15 Download
Indonesian 2015-09-03 Download
Italian 2014-06-15 Download
Japanese 2015-02-26 Download
Korean 2014-06-15 Download
Macedonian 2012-10-22 Download
Polish 2015-10-12 Download
Russian 2015-09-03 Download
Serbian 2012-10-22 Download
Spanish 2015-03-11 Download
Turkish 2012-10-22 Download

How to update your language file:
1. Download the new language file
2. Go to your SpyShelter installation folder and find the languages folder.
3. Exit SpyShelter.
4. Extract .lng file from the .zip archive into the  languages folder and replace the old file.
5. Run SpyShelter again.

If you would like to suggest a new translation, please contact us using our Helpdesk