Which SpyShelter’s security level is the safest?

We are receiving many questions about security levels. The default options available during installation are Medium and High(default) security modes. The fact is, that there are actually 4 security levels, and you should choose wisely.

You can manage your security level by going to SpyShelter>Settings>Security tab.

Auto allow – Medium security level
Medium security level is a very convenient option for beginner users. SpyShelter is going to automatically allow potentially safe actions (based on internal rules) and alert only about dangerous ones.

Allow Microsoft
This security level will allow all the processes, which are digitally signed by Microsoft, and alert about every action taken by non-signed applications. This is a not recommended option for casual users, since harmful applications like commercial keyloggers can obtain digital signatures from Microsoft.

Auto allow – High security level
This is the most balanced choice. It provides much higher detection rate than Medium security level. In this mode you are going to see a lot more alerts before rules are created than in Medium security mode. We recommend this option for casual users, since once a rule is created, you will no longer be disturbed with alerts concerning the same action.

Ask user
If you are looking for the highest level of protection, this mode is for you. SpyShelter will alert you about every ongoing action in your system. It increases significantly the amount of alerts, but the protection level is the highest you can get.

We hope that this will help you choose your preferred protection level.

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