SpyShelter for Non-profit Organizations

Today we officially launched a special SpyShelter for Non-profit Organizations program.

We have the utmost respect for people who dedicate their time to make the World a better place. We always supplied licenses for Non-Profit organizations who reached out to us, but we felt like we could do more than that.

This is why today we created a special page where Non-profit Organizations can reach out to us to receive the license keys.

SpyShelter For Non-Profit Organizations program is for official not-for-profit organizations and charities which:
-Are non-government
-Are non-academic
-Are non-commercial in nature
-Have no religious affiliations.

Non-profit Organizations interested in obtaining SpyShelter Premium or SpyShelter Firewall licenses can do so by simply filling out the special form available at https://www.spyshelter.com/nonprofit/.

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