SpyShelter 12.1 Beta – Screen Phantom feature

For limited time, before releasing a live version of 12.1 update, we release a beta version of SpyShelter 12.1, with new ‘Screen Phantom’ feature.

Screen Phantom is an independent module which protects your screen from being captured. It works in a different way than Anti Screenshot Module implemented in SpyShelter, since it does not trigger any alerts – any attempt to take a screenshot or record a video of your screen will result in an output of black screen, thus making it impossible to capture screen content. Screen Phantom does not depend on HIPS module, so if you for example allow process X to take a screenshot while Screen Phantom is enabled,  process X will not be able to capture the content of your screen, because Screen Phantom will block it.

This feature can be enabled in Settings>Security tab.

This feature works on Windows 7 (‘aero’ must be enabled) and newer systems.

As with all Beta releases, please be aware that this is still an experimental function. After tests are finalized, this feature will be available in SpyShelter Premium and SpyShelter Firewall.

SpyShelter beta versions for 12.1 can be downloaded below:
SpyShelter Firewall 12.1 BETA build 4

SpyShelter Premium 12.1 BETA build 4

SpyShelter 12.1 (11/Mar/2020)

– Added new anti screenshot feature (Screen Phantom)
– Improvements with Keystroke encryption exclusions
– Small internal updates

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