SpyShelter 11.4 Released

New version of SpyShelter is now available.

After over a month as a RC version, SpyShelter 11.4 is now officially released and available for download. This version contains changes carried forward from version 11.4 RC plus a few improvements and new fixes, we have also replaced some symbols in icons so final GUI look is slightly different, also there is added emergency hotkey for scaling issues. Compared to RC version, we fixed a problem with toolbar boundaries draw after rescaling.

Nested tree view can be accessed in Rules tab.

In case of PPI issues, F1 can be used as a hotkey to reset the GUI settings.

11.4 (18/Feb/2019)

– Added new(3rd) tree view mode display of Rules list
– Replaced all images with new style and kind (vector based glyphs)
– Implemented scaling feature for GUI (Auto, 125%, 150% PPI)
– Many small general look improvements including scalable logo and other small improvements
– Fixed few issues with protection state

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