SpyShelter 10.9.1 Released – Windows 10 1703 (Creators Update) Support Added

We are glad to inform you that the newest version of SpyShelter – 10.9.1 – now fully supports the Windows 10 1703, commonly known as Creators Update.

Most of the known security applications will most likely have issues with making their ‘realtime protection’ work with this system. Even now, some crucial parts of HIPS-modules among major security applications are not fully working, while indicating that their HIPS protection(or whatever they choose to call it) is turned on, like if everything was alright with it. Some of them struggle even ever since Windows 8.

We know that SpyShelter works, and once again we are happy to deliver a fully working HIPS protection with a keystroke encryption driver right on time.

We have also included some quality of life features for Protected Files and Registry Keys – it is now possible to import and export the lists of Protected Files and Folders and Protected Registry Keys.

We have also improved the Registry Key Protection expression patterns, like *\ rules support (e.g. *\\START) and auto converting rules.

protected files and folders

Thank you for choosing our software.

SpyShelter 10.9.1 Changelog (11/Apr/2017):

– Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update
– Added Import/export feature for “User defined protected files”
– Added/export feature for “User defined protected registry keys”
– Used defined protected reg keys improvements with expression patterns
– Squashed small GUI and general bugs

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