SpyShelter 10.8.7

New version of SpyShelter is now available.

SpyShelter 10.8.7 introduces handful of improvements and a new feature – User defined protected registry keys. It allows to build a list of registry keys which will be protected against unauthorized access. If an application attempts to delete or modify the defined keys, SpyShelter will stop the action and show up alert window with all details of the action. By default, SpyShelter protects crucial registry keys in your system, and with this feature, you can further extend this protection by adding your own defined critical registry keys.

This feature can be accessed in Settings>Security tab. You can find more details about it in SpyShelter Help File.


Registry protection provided by SpyShelter has also been extended. SpyShelter now also monitors registry key deletion and renaming registry keys.

Application Execution Control received a new option to create a denied rule without hash file checking.


System Protection on 64 bit systems has been improved, and we have also added Hyper-V compatibility for Windows 10 Pro AU users.

Small icons in advanced security settings (such as User Defined Protected Files) have been replaced by bigger ones.

Action name will now be displayed in red color if the target of this action is a crucial system component.


Automatic update from version 10.8.6 to the latest should work now correctly.

SpyShelter 10.8.7 Changelog (13/Oct/2016):

– Added new feature to define custom protected registry keys
– Extended internal registry protection feature
– Solved freeze with some critical registry keys protection
– Improved system protection on 64 bit systems
– Added Hyper-V compatibility on Windows 10 AU Pro
– Application execution rules improvements
– Small improvements in GUI
– Other minor fixes

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