SpyShelter 10.8.2 released

New version of SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger is now available.

There are few notable improvements for Windows 10 users. SpyShelter 10.8.2 is officially ready to support Windows 10 Anniversary Update (‘Redstone 1’), the number of false alerts on Windows 10 has been reduced, and the keystroke encryption issue with Mail application has been fixed. We have also fixed some issues related to GUI password protection and we improved the performance of Edit Rules dialog window (on all supported systems).

We have reintroduced the online virus scanning feature, provided by Jotti.org.


For your convenience, SpyShelter now also has a new feature which allows to configure custom external file analyzing service. You can do this by going to SpyShelter>Settings>Security>Configure externals file analyzers, and it is very easy.
For example, you can download JottiQ Uploader, and configure SpyShelter to launch it whenever you want to scan a file, rather than to upload the file via browser.

Creating a new analyzer is very simple – once you install it, you simply have to give it a name (any string) and provide the file path to the file analyzer, followed by {FILEPATH} – just like on the screenshots below. Double clicking entries in “Macros” part of the window will add the selected macro into the command line.


Once you do that, simply click on the Scanning feature inside alert window:



And there it is, final result – SpyShelter executed 3rd party installed file analyzer and used it to scan the file.


Jotti is just an example, but you can use this function with any file analyzing service that you are most comfortable with.

You can also use this function to quickly look for the results by searching for existing results by utilizing the SHA1 hash.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe https://virusscan.jotti.org/pl-PL/search/hash/{SHA1}

For example, the command line presented above, will open firefox.exe, and then go to https://virusscan.jotti.org/pl-PL/search/hash/{SHA1} address, where {SHA1} is the SHA1 hash of the analyzed file.

Full SpyShelter 10.8.2 (02/Aug/2016) Changelog:
– Added support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– Added (new) Online Virus Scan feature
– Added new feature: External custom file scanners
– Decrease false alerts on Windows 10
– Improved performance of Rules Editing dialog on some systems
– Fixed security issue with protected GUI
– Fixed encrypted keys issue in Mail app(Windows 10)
– Few minor improvements

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