SpyShelter 10.7.2 released

New version of SpyShelter brings support for Windows 10 build 14279, and it also allows to specify 64 bit paths for manually added components.

On 64 bit systems it is now possible to specify system32 paths by choosing “sysnative” shortcut when manually creating a rule. The sysnative folder is visible in the file selection window, just like below:


Windows 8.x and 10 users should no longer experience issues while launching applications using the ‘Run as restricted’ option in context menu.

SpyShelter 10.7.2 Changelog (9/Mar/2016):
– It’s possible now to specify 64bit path while adding components
– Added support for Windows 10 Insider build 14279
– Fixed problem with shell context menu and “Run as Restricted” feature on Windows 8.x/10

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