SpyShelter 10.6.1 released

SpyShelter 10.6.1 featuring refreshed graphic user interface is out now.

Exactly a year ago we have introduced a new Alert window in version 9.6. Since then, SpyShelter has been updated over 20 times. In the passing year, on top of various security and performance upgrades, we introduced World’s first cross-language Keystroke Encryption module for all applications, as well as World’s first Windows 10 anti-keylogging software.

SpyShelter 10.6 features a refreshed default GUI (Graphic User Interface) among other things.

2015-12-21 22_11_10-setup_lng

Default skin, menu, icons as well as some language packs has been updated. Naturally, old skins are available in Settings.

Go to SpyShelter Download Page and download new, updated version of SpyShelter!

10.6.1 (21/Dec/2015)

– New Default GUI implemented
– Various bug fixes and improvements in interface
– New stronger digital signatures for core application files
– Language updates

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