Price Update and 5PC License Sale

We have changed the prices of all SpyShelter licenses. So far, we have displayed net prices on our website. Today we have changed them to gross prices (they include Value Added Tax). Thanks to this, SpyShelter Anti-Keylogger should be more affordable for European user than before.

Due to the change from net to gross prices, we were forced to slightly increase the prices of our software. However, this only concerns 1 year licenses. Lifetime licenses remain unaffected (although we dropped the price by €0.05 to use the “.95” pricing scheme).

SpyShelter Premium 1 year license
€20 -> €23.95
SpyShelter Premium 5PC 1 year license:
€60 -> €64.95
SpyShelter Firewall 1 year license
€25 -> €29.95
SpyShelter Firewall 5PC 1 year license:
€75 -> €74.95

In other news, we have started the 5PC 1 year license sales. Both SpyShelter Premium 5PC and SpyShelter Firewall 5PC 1 year licenses can be bought with 20€ discount.
Click here to check new prices
If you would like to upgrade your current single PC license to a 5PC license, contact us and get a special deal!

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