SpyShelter Changelog

This changelog includes all the changes of SpyShelter Free, SpyShelter Silent, SpyShelter Premium, and SpyShelter Firewall.


14.0 (02/Nov/2022)

– Added App Exec Control to Premium under “Rules” tab
– Skipped version 13 just in case it’s an unlucky number

12.9 (14/Sep/2022)

– Fixed Application crash at start on some systems

12.8 (05/Sep/2022)

– Added support for Windows 11 22H2
– Added support for Windows 10 22H2
– Fixed Windows 11 encryption issue
– Minor fixes

12.7 (12/Oct/2021)

– Improved support for Windows 11
– Fixed bug with black screen while OS loading
– Compatibility fixes

12.6 (27/Sep/2021)

– Attempt to add support for Windows 11
– Added support for Windows 10 21H2
– Small internal updates

12.5 (07/Apr/2021)

– Compatibility improvements for Keystroke encryption feature
– Added support for Windows 10 21H1

12.4 (05/Jan/2021)

– Added optional custom (not OS based) notification
– Added possibility to disable all tray notifications
– Minor fixes

12.3 (13/Oct/2020)

– Added support for October 2020 Update (20H2)
– Fixed rare BSOD on 32 bit version of Windows 10

12.2 (29/May/2020)

– Added support for Windows May 2020 Update (20H1)
– Fixed bug in GUI (Thread creation error)

12.1 (08/Apr/2020)

– Added new anti screenshot feature (Screen Phantom)
– Improvements with Keystroke encryption exclusions
– Installer fixes
– Small internal updates

12.0 (21/Oct/2019)

– Fixed bugs with protection handling from tray icon
– Internal database with signatures of trusted signers updated

11.9 (17/Sept/2019)

– Added initial support for Windows 19H2
– Minor internal updates and fixes

11.8 (12/Jun/2019)

– Small compatibility and general improvements

11.7 (13/May/2019)

– Fixed rare BSOD on Windows 10×64

11.6 (25/Apr/2019)

– Added Windows 10 May Update (1903 build 18362) compatibility
– Few security improvements

11.5 (18/Mar/2019)

– Added option to specify custom path in Restriction Apps feature
– Minor internal updates and improvements

11.4 (18/Feb/2019)

– Added new(3rd) tree view mode display of Rules list
– Replaced all images with new style and kind (vector based glyphs)
– Implemented scaling feature for GUI (Auto, 125%, 150% PPI)
– Many small general look improvements including scalable logo and other small improvements
– Fixed few issues with protection state

11.3 (26/Nov/2018)

– Fixed memory related issue in SpyShelter kernel driver
– Squashed bug with BSOD and source of another potential crash

11.2 (09/Oct/2018)

– Added Windows 10 Redstone 5 (October 2018 Update) compatibility
– Addresses an issue with multithreading
– Minor changes

11.1 (06/Jun/2018)

– Fixed rare issue with freeze on alert window on Windows 10 RS4 (April Update)
– Minor improvements

11.0 (17/Apr/2018)

– Revised compatibility with Windows 10 RS4 build 17134
– Updated Farsi language

10.9.9 (12/Apr/2018)

– Fixed driver loading issue

10.9.8 (10/Apr/2018)

– Added Windows 10 Spring Creators Update compatibility
– Fixed uninstaller and settings problem
– Fixed issues with license key installation
– Azerbaijani language added
– Other small internal improvements

10.9.7 (09/Jan/2018)

– Self defence improvements
– Firewall: Packet capture self test feature implemented
– Improved registry protection
– Process ID (PID) column added in Log Tab&Log file

10.9.6 (05/Dec/2017)

– Automatic saving columns order implemented
– Uninstaller improvements

10.9.5 (17/Oct/2017)

– Added Windows 10 Fall Creators Update compatibility
– Notification Balloons updates and fixes
– Other corrections

10.9.4 (29/Aug/2017)

– Certificate updates
– Minor fixes

10.9.3 (10/July/2017)

– Fixed security issue in KE encryption driver
– Improved sound and webcam protection
– Added new option to disable system sounds for notifications
– Added feature to import/export processes to Keystroke encryption feature
– Autoaccepted signatures database update
– Minor Fixes

10.9.2 (17/May/2017)

– Security issue fixed
– Minor updates

10.9.1 (11/Apr/2017)

– Added support for Windows 10 Creators Update
– Added import/export feature for “User defined protected files”
– Added import/export feature for “User defined protected registry keys”
– Used defined protected reg keys improvements with expression patterns
– Squashed small GUI and general bugs

10.9 (05/Jan/2017)

– Added “All except below” for IP and Ports options to Firewall Zones and Rules
– Added searching for IP collisions with new Network Zones
– Improved Sound record protection under Windows 8/10
– Changed logic of autoallowing registry entries in “Ask User” mode
– Exec Rules: Now it’s possible to input path to avoid Wow6432 issues
– Changed behaviour of tooltips showing to avoid multiple alerts
– Fixed freeze issues common with launching Task Manager on alert
– Improved compatibility with gaming platform clients
– Few small internal fixes

10.8.9 (28/Oct/2016)

– Fixed issue in export/import “no-hash” rules
– Minor fixes

10.8.8 (14/Oct/2016)

– Fixed bug in App Exec common with creating more than one ignore hash rule
– Translations updates

10.8.7 (13/Oct/2016)

– Added new feature to define custom protected registry keys
– Extended internal registry protection feature
– Solved freeze with some critical registry keys protection
– Improved system protection on 64 bit systems
– Added Hyper-V compatibility on Windows 10 AU Pro
– Application execution rules improvements
– Small improvements in GUI
– Other minor fixes

10.8.6 (07/Sep/2016)

– GUI: Added option to disable lists skinning
– Language updates
– General small improvements

10.8.5 (01/Sep/2016)

– Added full support for new installations of Windows Anniversary Update
– Improved Keystroke Encryption for Windows 10 Anniversary Update East-Asian languages versions
– Implemented own virus scan result window + added option to rescan
– Added SHA256 and MD5 hash support for custom scanner configuration
– Minor fixes

10.8.4 (05/Aug/2016)

– Improved compatibility of Keystroke Encryption on Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– Fixed GUI issues with disappearing translations
– Repaired problem with displaying translations for some dialogs

10.8.3 (03/Aug/2016)

– Firewall driver status improvement on Windows 10 Anniversary update
– Language updates

10.8.2 (02/Aug/2016)

– Added support for Windows 10 Anniversary Update
– Added (new) Online Virus Scan feature
– Added new feature: External custom file scanners
– Decrease false alerts on Windows 10
– Improved performance of Rules Editing dialog on some systems
– Fixed security issue with protected GUI
– Fixed encrypted keys issue in Mail app(Windows 10)
– Few minor improvements

10.8.1 (14/Jul/2016)

– Added new licensing system
– Further installer improvements

10.8 (27/Jun/2016)

– Fixed updater and autoupdater bug with program malfunction after install
– Fixed an issue related to installer and displaying program version number

10.7.9 (23/Jun/2016)

– Fixed rare issue with unpredictable OS behaviour while loading SpyShelter drivers

10.7.8 (17/Jun/2016)

– Added cleaning rules feature for parent/child processes at App Exec control
– Added option to improve compatibility with remote control tools
– Keystroke Encryption driver compatibility improved
– Fixed BSOD in KE driver on 32 bit systems

10.7.7 (13/Jun/2016)

– Removed online virus scanning feature

10.7.6 (15/Apr/2016)

– Fixed a critical issue with Windows XP 64 bit support
– Fixed an issue with loading 32 bit applications under 64 bit of Windows Vista/SP2

10.7.5 (31/Mar/2016)

– Fixed Keystroke encryption driver load on Windows 10 32 bit
– Added compatibility support for custom build of VirtualBox
– French language update

10.7.4 (29/Mar/2016)

– Added support for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14295
– Fixed hooks settings for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14291
– Language updates

10.7.3 (23/Mar/2016)

– Improved compatibility with VirtualBox under Windows 8.x and 10
– Added new option to show notifications for encrypted keys
– Added support for Windows 10 Redstone Insider build 14291
– Improved “Run as restricted” feature
– GUI fixes

10.7.2 (9/Mar/2016)

– It’s possible now to specify 64bit path while adding components
– Added support for Windows 10 Insider build 14279
– Fixed problem with shell context menu and “Run as Restricted” feature on Windows 8/10

10.7.1 (1/Mar/2016)

– Added support for Windows 10 Insider build 14271
– Fixed issue with PID display in Alert Window
– Small fixes

10.7 (24/Feb/2016)

– Added custom global network zones feature for Firewall feature of SpyShelter Firewall
– Firewall rules are now allowed to use masks
– Small cosmetic improvements

10.6.9 (5/Feb/2016)

– Added support for Windows 10 Insider builds 14251 & 14257
– Small installer improvements and fixes

10.6.8 (29/Jan/2016)

– Added support for Windows 10 Insider builds 11099 & 11102
– Fixed truncated captions issues in User Interface
– Fixed visual issues with corrupted grid lines in lists
– Removed Skins select feature – more info on Blog

10.6.7 (21/Jan/2016)

– Added an option which allows disabling pop-up messages for automatically created rules
– Improved drawing of dialog windows linked with Alert window
– Fixed tray menu display issues for the disabled skin
– Fixed minor color issues for Alert window

10.6.6 (15/Jan/2016)

– Fixed Network Zones icons rendering issues on Windows 10 with custom DPI scaling

10.6.5 (14/Jan/2016)

– Improved alert display as a top-level window
– Fixed application crash while skin changing
– Fixed rule deleting confirmation dialog focus
– Various improvements with look on non standard system font size
– Added support for Windows 10 Redstone build 11082

10.6.1 (21/Dec/2015)

– New Default GUI implemented
– Various bug fixes and improvements in interface
– New stronger digital signatures for core application files
– Language updates

10.5.2 (14/Nov/2015)

– Added official support for Windows 10 Threshold 2 update

10.5.1 (7/Nov/2015)

– Added support for Windows build 10586

10.5 (5/Nov/2015)

– Implemented Alternative View for Rules list
– Compatibility improvements for gaming platforms client applications
– Added support for Windows 10 insider build 10565
– Decreased number of false positive alerts on Windows 10
– Added program icons on App Exec Control tab
– Usability improvements

10.4 (12/Oct/2015)

– Extended configuration options for AntiNetworkSpy feature
– Fixed rare bug in Firewall WFP driver which caused very high CPU usage

10.3 (25/Sep/2015)

– Firewall network activity monitor now includes UDP traffic
– Fixed bug with multiple instances on different accounts
– Fixed issue with account switching on Windows 10
– Decreased number of false alerts on Windows 10
– Added support for Windows 10 Insider Build 10547

10.2.2 (18/Sep/2015)

– Security improvement on Windows 10×64

10.2.1 (17/Sep/2015)

– Fixed problem with proper digital signatures recognition on some x64 systems

10.2 (17/Sep/2015)

– Added full Keystroke Encryption support for Edge browser
– Fixed numpad digits encryption on some systems with USB keyboards
– Fixed firewall bug with firewall packets filtering
– Improved protection on Windows 10
– Added support for Windows 10 Insider Preview build 10532
– Fixed problem with disabling shell context menu integration
– Fixed the update-installer on Windows 10.

10.1 (28/Aug/2015)

– SpyShelter Free Anti-Keylogger now supports 64bit systems
– Free version offers now limited keystroke encryption feature
– Fixed a crash that occured in Network List
– Fixed a freeze problem in Windows 10
– Added early support for Windows 10 build 10525
– Other small improvements and fixes

10.0 (29/July/2015)

– Added support for Windows 10 system
– Small visual changes

9.9.1 (21/May/2015)

– Added support for East Asian languages to Keystroke encryption driver
– Fixed context menu handler bug when program starts from service
– Added French version of User’s Manual
– Few small improvements

9.8 (01/Apr/2015)

– Self defence improvements

9.7.2 (17/Mar/2015)

– Fixed issue security issue with password protection of GUI access
– Farsi installer language update

9.7.1 (13/Mar/2015)

– Fixed issue with process removing in KED
– Installer and general language updates
– Minor fixes

9.7.0 (11/Mar/2015)

– Fixed hook issues and improved compatibility
– Added new Autoupdate feature
– GUI: Sorting feature implemented for Restricted tabs, KED, Process Execution
– Added new feature to block network traffic
– Minor fixes

9.6.5 (18/Feb/2015)

– Self defense enhanced
– Com protection improved
– General protection improvements

9.6.3 (06/Feb/2015)

– Fixed problem with truncated information in alert and automatic resizing
– Added Polish, German, Spanish version of User’s Manual
– Added Romanian GUI language
– Other translation fixes and improvements

9.6.2 (10/Jan/2015)

– Fixed bug with folder/component exclusion
– AppExec Rules storing issue fixed
– Component name & location are fixed for some dll hooks
– Minor alert changes and improvements

9.6.1 (22/Dec/2014)

– Fixed Keystroke Encryption driver issue on 32 bit systems
– Japanese language update

9.6 (21/Dec/2014)

– Blocking execution feature for all processes added
– New menu item in General Rules: Block component execution
– Performance optimizations
– Implemented rules templates with save/load feature
– Action alert reorganized and redesigned
– Start SpyShelter by service feature
– Changed default program look

9.5 (23/Oct/2014)

– Fixed rare BSOD on Windows 8.x
– Fixed bug in editing rules window on higher DPI scaling

9.4 (04/Oct/2014)

– Fixed checking for update on start-up bug
– Fixed new licenses issue on some systems

9.3 (02/Oct/2014)

– Added new feature: Users can now block selected host directly from Network Activity tab
– Added new feature: Users can now choose calculation method of sent and received data speed.
– Improved system protection
– Fixed Restricted Apps compatibility issues with Internet Explorer
– Optimized GUI start time and program files size
– Licensing system improvements
– Few small GUI improvements

9.2 (18/Sept/2014)

– Adjusted version number of SpyShelter Firewall to fit other SpyShelter products
– Added new feature: Custom rules creator
– Added new feature: Rules editor
– [Firewall only] Custom firewall network rules control implemented
– [Firewall only] Added “Network activity” under Firewall tab
– Fixed bug that caused delayed taskbar response
– Fixed Virtual keyboard launcher problem
– Improved keystroke encryption compatibility
– General compatibility and stability improvements
– Several minor fixes

9.1 (01/Jul/2014)

– SpyShelter now fully support Unicode
– Fixed application freeze at system start-up when 2 dialog windows are displayed by SpyShelter
– Fixed double decryption bug of keystroke encryption driver
– Added new option – Full folder exclude
– Added search bar for log tab
– Rules tab now contains 2 subtabs General & Application Execution Control (Firewall edition only)
– Export rules to file feature improved (Firewall edition). Now App Exec Control rules are also exported
– Minor bug fixes

9.0 (13/Feb/2014)

– Support of WinXP & Vista for keystrokes encryption driver
– Improved firewall protection on Win8.x
– New option for advanced users: Auto allow the action for the components signed by trusted signer
– Improved alert window drawing with DirectX apps
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