Over 5 millions of Gmail accounts leaked into the web. Check if you are on the list!

A list of over 5 million Gmail addresses surfaced on a Russian Bitcoin forum. Fortunately, the list was published without passwords, so that Gmail users can check if their e-mail accounts has been compromised.

According to this Google blog post, the Gmail service itself was not hacked – this list was created by gathering hacked data from other websites. If you have used a unique password for Gmail, you not might have to worry.
This situation is an important reminder that your e-mail password should never be the same as your passwords to other services.

How to check if your e-mail address is on the list?

You can do it online or by downloading the .txt list. Many websites recommend doing it online, however the website itself might be used for creating an e-mail database, therefore we recommend downloading leaked e-mail addresses list instead. However if you trust the website owners, you can check if your e-mail account got compromised by clicking here

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