Guidelines for creating a secure password.

SpyShelter will protect you from all kinds of information stealing malware. But, even if no one is able to steal data from your PC, your passwords can still be cracked, if they are not strong enough.

In order to prevent your online accounts from being hacked, you must use a strong password. People often tend to use weak passwords because they are much easier to memorize. And this is exactly what most of hackers count on, because such passwords are easily crackable by brute force or dictionary attacks.

Check out our 10 tips for creating a secure password, that will help you manage your online accounts security.

1. Your password should have at least 8 characters including at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one number and if it is possible, one special character like # or _. The more of them you mix, the stronger your password is.
2. Use unique passwords for your most important accounts.
3. Do not use any dictionary words, as well as easy combinations like qwerty. They are easily cracked because they are present in almost every dictionary used by hackers.
4. If you have to choose between Secret Question or phone verification, always pick phone verification. It protects you from random hackers trying to guess your secret answer.
5. If you have to set up Secret Question and Answer, always come up with something unique that only you can answer.
6. Change your passwords every 3 months.
7. It is a good practice to avoid using o, O, 0, 1, I and i if you have problems with memorizing your passwords,
8. Avoid logging into your accounts on any other PC than yours.
9. Never store any important data in the cloud.
10. Never store your passwords on your computer, unless you really have to. If you do, make sure you encrypt them.

If you have problem with creating a strong password, you can use this simple password generator in order to create a fully randomized password.
We do not store generated passwords in any form.

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