What could have prevented the LastPass hack?

You probably saw in the news recently that the popular password management application LastPass was breached by a hacker. Now that more details have come out (for example this ArsTechnica article) it appears the hack was a combination of a keylogger, and an unpatched version of Plex. Apparently Plex had a vulnerability that allowed remote execution, and through that remote execution the keylogger was installed without the LastPass developer ever knowing.

It sounds like this was a very sophisticated attack and we wish the best for LastPass. Plex was in the news for its own breach last year and it appears these two incidents are related.

What can we learn about this situation and what might have helped LastPass? Use an anti-keylogger like SpyShelter, and focus on always keeping all your software up to date.

SpyShelter in 2023!

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SpyShelter and Windows Core Isolation Feature

If you are receiving an error message with SpyShelter’s driver as related to the new Windows Core Isolation feature there is a quick and easy fix available.

How can I disable Windows Core Isolation?
The fastest way to disable Windows Core Isolation to avoid “incompatible drivers” issues is to go to your settings, then click “device security” then “core isolation” then switch off “memory integrity”.

Or alternatively, select Start, type “Core Isolation” into the taskbar, and click on the Core Isolation result to open the Windows security app. From this page, you can turn off the toggle for Memory Integrity. 

This issue is causing problems for pretty much every device or software that uses a driver, including Logitech hardware and even Microsoft’s own hardware and software. We are working on a major new SpyShelter update that will solve this issue in the future. Unfortunately the fix is not trivial so it will take us a while to update.

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EU + USA = SpyShelter

SpyShelter, (originally founded by Datpol in Poland) has now joined forces with a small team in Texas USA to continue updating and improving the SpyShelter software. Although the company is now officially based in Texas, we will continue to work with the original SpyShelter founder to make some major new features.

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