7 Years of SpyShelter

It all started 7 years ago. First official version – SpyShelter 1.0 – was released on October 6th, 2009. Since then, we released 111 updates and we secured the position of the most effective anti keylogging application, with achievements such as World’s only keystroke encryption module which allows to encrypt keystrokes of all applications (including console apps), on all system languages.

While some doubted that anti-keylogging software is redundant in this day and age where everyone can get a free antivirus, we were developing it. We knew back then that conventional security software is not and will never be enough to protect against malware. Some things cannot be automated. Protecting against modern malware requires proactive approach, and that is what we have focused on. During those 7 years we have analyzed hundreds and hundreds of commercial keyloggers/RATs as well as those more sophisticated, non commercial zero-day malicious keyloggers and trojans, specifically designed to steal valuable data.

We are very grateful that we can deliver the security software which suits your needs. Being able to see how all of you are using our software and sharing the idea of security application which gives the power to the user to make the choice, is amazing.

It’s been a great journey so far and we want to thank you for your continuous support.

This year, we want you to join us in a noble cause. Let’s help homeless animals. Today and tomorrow all SpyShelter licenses, including lifetime, are available for half of their regular price, and the net profit from these licenses will be donated to animal shelters in Poland. They are already way over their capacity and they need any help they can get. The money will be split among 3 animal shelters in need of funds:


Not only you can buy SpyShelter for half of it’s price, all the money you spend on the licenses will be donated to the animals in need. We encourage you to buy the licenses, even if you already have an active one.

SpyShelter 50% discount code: SHELTER – After you select the type and quantity of licenses on our Purchase Page, enter the discount code on the checkout page and hit Refresh button.

We would also like to remind you that all non-profit organizations can get SpyShelter Premium and SpyShelter Firewall licenses for free by contacting with us at https://www.spyshelter.com/nonprofit/. Attaching the documents and using the official e-mail address will speed up the process.

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